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The year 2021 has seen a rise in the number of entrepreneurs. The reasons for it were freedom to do what you love, personal satisfaction, and financial rewards. Moreover, small businesses also play a vital role in the economic development of any country. However, starting your own business is not without its own set of challenges. Yes, you read that right!

Let me explain it in simple words. When you start a business, you not only have to focus on the quality of the product but on the packaging too. Designing and creating creative packaging for your products can help you retain customers and increase sales.

Getting your products safely to your customers is of utmost importance. You don’t want your products to suffer any damage during shipping. So your customers get the product in good condition and the best unboxing experience. Do you want to learn how to rightly pack your orders in an efficient and economical way? In this blog, we are going to discuss the supplies you need, how to pack appropriately, and what designs you can opt for. So let's get started.

What Packaging Supplies Do Small Businesses Have to Have?

Right size boxes as per product requirements

One size does not fit all. If you pack your order in inappropriate boxes, it will lead to wastage of money and material. So always keep in mind the size and shape of the product. Choose the right size of the box for safe delivery.

Packaging tape for a tight seal

All types of businesses need to keep a pack of packing tape. It seals the box tightly and you won't have to worry about it getting opened, causing damage to the product before it reaches its destination.

Bubble wrap for extra protection

Packing your product in the right box is not enough. You need something extra that keeps the product intact, in good condition and protected. For this purpose, you need bubble wrap as it prevents fragile items from breaking. Remember not to overfill the boxes with bubble wrap; it adds weight and, ultimately, shipping costs.

Bubble mailers for lightweight items

Bubble mailers are best for packing small items. This is known to be highly cost-effective for packing books and clothes. The items remain safe, don’t consume extra space, and reduce shipping costs.

Packaging labels give important information

Labels are multi-purpose items and can be made in any size, shape, and design. You can attach a company logo label to your package as it helps in increasing brand awareness and recognition. Furthermore, you can design shipping labels with a specific message that can help the handlers to know what is packed inside. For example, fragile, handle with care, do not stack, etc.

Plastic wrap for extra secure padding

We all know that fragile or delicate items need extra care and protection. Plastic wrap provides extra padding for these delicate products.

Paper printer to print relevant information

A paper printer can be used to print invoices, item lists, labels, and other relevant documents.

Envelopes to Send Gratitude Cards

Sending gratitude or thank you cards is the simplest way to develop customer loyalty. It also makes them feel valued. So keep those and send them with the order to your customer.

Want to know more about packaging? How can you pack the orders in an efficient way? It's getting better, as after discussing the supplies you need, I am going to discuss the right techniques for packaging.

How to Create Secure Packaging for Your Orders?

Identify your needs

The packaging process begins with identifying the product requirements. You need to take into account the dimensions and specific characteristics of your product. It helps in determining the right size box and extra protection you need in terms of bubble wrap so your order arrives in perfect condition.

Analyze Competitors Packaging

Don’t feel ashamed about checking your competitors' packaging. See how they are facing the packaging dilemma and handling it. Well, don’t copy their ideas and creativity directly, just get a brief idea and then use these ideas to create something innovative for your own unique needs.

Choose Right Size

Next comes the need to choose the right size box. As mentioned earlier, go for that box size that has enough space to add fillers for extra protection. But be careful, the box should not be big enough that the fillers added increase the weight and cost.

For example, if you are shipping fragile items like delicate glass or ceramics, wrap them with plastic wrap and place them in the box that fits them, adding extra fillers if necessary.

Choose Right Material

Choosing the right material can make or break your brand's reputation. The right package provides ultimate protection and keeps your product safe when en-route to its final destination. It strengthens the brand image and the customers will trust you to get the item in good condition.

Add Fillers

When it comes to fillers, you need ones that don’t add unnecessary weight. For shipping large items, you can use air pillows as it will make packaging more secure. On the other hand, if you are shipping smaller items, then crinkle craft paper makes the ideal option for getting great protection and visual presentation. No matter what, your main goal is to make sure that items inside the box do not move.

Print Labels

Apart from packaging materials, another thing that can make your packaging smooth and efficient is by using printed labels. Use a thermal printer for this purpose. All you have to do is print labels with any message or warning, peel them off, and stick them onto your package.

Packaging Test

Last but not least, test the packaging to see whether it is easy to open or not. There are ways you can do it.

  1. After packing and sealing the box, try to open it with your hand or use scissors. Can you open it easily or are you facing difficulty? Customers should not face difficulty when opening the box as it makes them frustrated.
  2. To check its durability, drop it on the floor or place it under the shower. You can then adjust the filling material or waterproof inner layer accordingly.
  3. Send the package to your family members and get their reaction to how it looks and feels.

But wait – there’s more. After discussing efficient packaging, we are going to discuss the creative designs you can use for packaging.

How To Create Effective Small Business Order Packaging Designs?

People judge a product by its appearance and this influences them to buy it and become a loyal customer. Below are the top designs for your order:

  • Keep your packaging simple: Don’t exaggerate product packaging as it can have a negative effect. Keep it simple. It should perform its function efficiently. It needs to be easy to transport and carry and add warnings or cautions that a customer should know.
  • Appropriate color scheme: Use color combinations that match the brand theme. For example, using blue and green colors leaves a calming effect while using red spurs action.
  • Use space appropriately: Don’t add too many details to the smaller spaces of packaging. Be strategic and avoid cluttering the space.
  • Use proper selling techniques: Selling techniques for e-commerce products will be different from retail products. No matter what the situation is, it should appeal to their senses and meet their requirements. Analyzing competitors' strategies can prove useful in this regard.
  • Typography: The text on the package must be legible. The font and color of the text should match with the brand theme and overall design.If customers face difficulty in reading your text, they will buy the competitor's product.
  • We’re not through yet. Let me ask a question. Have you ever considered taking the option of custom packaging? If not, then the below reasons are for you to consider.

Why Is Custom Packaging The Best Option For Small Businesses?

With custom packaging, you can design packaging in such a unique way that makes the customers feel valued. Below are more reasons to consider using custom packaging services.


With limited resources and a budget, custom packaging is the best option. You can add a wide range of customization options to any quantity of boxes, big or small. Previously, it was not possible because businesses had few options and had to get the boxes in a specific range, regardless of whether they needed that much or not.

Keep Products Secure

It does not matter what your product can do and the quality level it has, if your customers don’t get it in good condition, it does not matter. With custom packaging, you can choose the material of your choice, such as cardboard or corrugated, and make it reach the destination safely.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfy your customers by creating a memorable unboxing experience. Using the customization option, you can create the packaging of your choice and it will just do the trick. Simple to open, combined with a unique unboxing experience, will get you achieve customer satisfaction.


If you have a small business and are thinking of ways to pack your orders in an efficient way, then follow the above-mentioned tips and techniques. It is surely going to give customers brand loyalty, recognition, and increased revenue. 


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Published on 07 Aug, 2022