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Cosmetics is one of the basic regimes of everyday life, whether face care, body care, or makeup products. These are the most required essentials in bathroom cabinets. According to their need in daily routine, the cosmetic industry is spreading rapidly. As a result, brands keep on launching improvised versions of their beauty products. These products have a wide range from small makeup accessories to large eyeshadow palettes and expensive skincare products.

The beauty industry often has die-hard and loyal customers. Selecting the best beauty product for your skin type is not easy. Trusting in a brand while selecting skincare products is always a sensitive matter. Therefore, it becomes very challenging for beauty product manufacturers to maintain the product quality and their customers' trust. It is the core responsibility of brands to make their customers satisfied.

Here comes the need for cosmetic boxes for your products. Loyal customers always recognize their favorite brand by looking at the packaging. Hence, the packaging is what allows your company to maintain its position in the market. Cosmetic packaging boxes allow for packing the product securely and giving it a glamorous look. Customers would never prefer buying a product if it is covered in dull, plain brown paper with no proper brand recognition or product details. Focusing on the packaging makes your brand value grow among the customers.

What Type of Boxes Do We Offer?

Beauty products require more significant quality and unique packaging. TheCardboardBoxes manufactures all types of custom boxes for your cosmetics. In addition, we deal in an extensive range of custom cosmetic boxes. Our team customizes these boxes in any size, shape, and design according to your brand requirement. Such as our cream boxes are essential for all sizes of creams. Including a wide range of lotion boxes too which are bottled in different sizes or glass containers.

Your makeup is not complete unless you wear lipstick. It is a small product but delicate and easily breakable. Therefore, TCB manufactures the best quality lipstick boxes for designs of lipsticks. Not every customer is fond of pigmented lipsticks. There is also a massive follower of lip balms to keep your lips smooth and prevent drying. We customize lip balm boxes to secure the product. It helps you carry your product wherever you want without damage.

Hair extensions are one of the most selling products of brands. Changing your hair color and length is a new trend. Nevertheless, hair extension boxes are necessary to keep the hair extensions detangled and clean.  Apart from the primary cosmetic products, let's look at a few of our hot-selling product packaging.

Foundation Containers

Foundation creates the base of your makeup before applying any other beauty product. We see an array of foundations in the market. These can be in different consistency, texture, and look. For instance, there are liquid foundations, mousse form, and foundation cakes, to name a few of them. Companies formulate them according to customers' skin tone and skin type. When selecting a foundation for your skin, it is also crucial to consider which weather you will be applying it.

Companies also produce summer and winter foundations separately. It is indispensable to use secure foundation boxes to keep the product safe. Packing them in an appealing look also makes them eye-catching for customers. TCB produces the boxes in different designs and sizes as per your requirement.

Eyeliner Packaging

Applying eyeliner is such a fashion that never gets old. Brands now manufacture them in different forms, such as gel eyeliner, pen eyeliner, among others. Eyeliners are very small in size. We provide brands with small cosmetic boxes which help fit in the product. Eyeliner boxes keep the product safe, and their appealing packaging can help customers the best product they are looking for.

Eyeshadow Cases

The cosmetic industry has progressed broadly in eyeshadows. Brands sell them in different packaging. Eyeshadows are available in individual colors as well as palettes in the market. Cosmetic companies keep launching new series and volumes of eyeshadow palettes as these are top-selling products of any brand.

Eyeshadows are exceptionally delicate, and any minor accident can damage the shade. No one would want their eyeshadow to dust around and ruin other cosmetics too. Hence, we provide the best quality eyeshadow boxes to help secure the product. TCB also manufactures custom cosmetic packaging boxes in the most attractive designs and color themes.

How Can Our Cosmetic Boxes Boost Your Revenue?

Our central core is to satisfy customers. So, we make sure that our boxes and packaging helps you to enhance your brand popularity and increase your sale. Improving your sales means having a loyal customer following. And to gain your customer's trust, it is mandatory to provide them the product with great packaging that is soothing to the eye and has the best quality. Our components that will boost your business are

Professional Design Experts

TCB has highly professional and trained designing experts who will provide you the best design and color theme for your company. We not only work upon your desired custom designs but also suggest new ideas. In addition, our design teams assist you through selecting the perfect shape and design for your packaging’s which will surely boost your sales.

Build Brand Recognition

Defining your brand is as important as you know about your customer. How do you want to portray yourself to your customers? Your brand personality is represented in the market with the choice of design elements your select for your packaging. Your design strategy depends on where you are selling the product. Either on a supermarket aisle or in an online store on the internet. Your brand name, tagline, logo, and color theme make you different and unique from other brands. Our custom printed cardboard boxes are effective in building your brand recognition.

Printed Packaging Increase Customer Faith

Customers always want to understand more about the product before purchasing. If the packaging does not speak the required details, they do not waste much time and switch to looking for a different product with access details for what they are searching for. Such as skin care boxes have details printed on them about the ingredients, their usage procedure, and any further required information about the product. Therefore, it is essential to work on printing details on your product boxes for clarification. Our kraft boxes provide the best printing quality.

Why Trust in TheCacrdboardBoxes?

Our cosmetic boxes wholesale is sufficiently made to cover all types of cosmetics and beauty products. Makeup boxes are one of the most demanded companies. The race of leading the market is a real struggle. TCB is your right choice if you want quality beauty boxes such as mascara boxes for your mascara range. Our extra features make you trust in our packaging.

We Provide Cost-Effective Deals

If you are looking for a wide range of products for your entire cosmetic brand or deal in one beauty product, lip glosses. We allow you to purchase lip gloss boxes from us in small quantities, such as on only 100 pieces. Along with the freedom of lowest quantity freedom, we also design the boxes in your desired sizes and shapes. We do not bound our customers to make massive purchases; therefore, dealing with us will be the most satisfying choice.

We Assure Product Security

Our products are manufactures with the best quality material under strict supervision. Beauty products are always ranged in high price, and no brand would want a disappointed customer complaining about receiving a damaged piece. Moreover, we will design firm cases to pack your cosmetics and save them from damage during transportation and shipping.

Most of the cosmetics are filled in glass jars, such as nail polish. We have the best quality nail polish boxes to keep the product safe. Customer satisfaction makes a brand successful, and we work hard to provide you with good quality boxes and make your customers happy.

Free Shipping on Orders

Customers love extra perks while dealing with us. Our never-ending customer satisfaction components are what give us the most loyal customer following. TCB cares for its customers. Therefore, we send you your orders at your doorstep. In addition, apart from the USA, you can now place an order to us from Canada too. Furthermore, we provide you with free shipping on deliveries from anywhere within the USA and Canada.

Request A Quote Feature

Ordering with is us is made very easy for our customers. We allow you to mention your desired requirements under the "Request a Quote" form available on the website with all our products. This feature allows you to select your boxes' required size, shape, dimension, and color theme. In addition, our professionals are always there to provide you free assistance to choose the best design for your brand packaging for further customization.

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