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Do you want to know that why craft boxes are convenient and reliable to use? It is because they are sturdy and provides the product a great hold in it. The paper used in manufacturing them has the quality to be recycled again after use. Its eco-friendly and user-friendly nature makes it fit in the packaging industry. The industry is increasing rapidly with numerous forms of packaging materials. It has become grueling to maintain the value among others. Nevertheless, kraft packaging has maintained its standing with long-lasting quality.

Kraft boxes are environment friendly and one of the most suitable for packaging. Companies' core priority is to maintain product quality. However, when it comes to packing their product. It needs all the attention too. Promoting your band requires a lot to look into. Among all, packaging plays a vital role in product safety as well as increases its market value. Kraft paper packaging is excellent because it can help prevent your product from damaging by climate conditions such as heat and moisture and accidents.

Manufacturing companies also focus on product final look before selling it in the market. Apart from having the plain kraft box packaging, it is also customized in different shapes and designs. TheCardboardBoxes allows its customers to add printed details and any other customizations of their choice of boxes. We provide you with the best quality small kraft boxes and your desired sizes according to your product size.

Advantages Of TCB Kraft Boxes

The incredible quality of our brown kraft paper boxes is they are environmentally friendly. Unlike plastic packaging, these are reusable and, therefore, helps keep the environment pollution-free. We make these secure enough to carry the product load and pressure. It keeps your items safe during shipping and transportation. The commodity packing procedure becomes ideal with kraft containers.

In addition, our kraft boxes are cost-effective. A variety of products can be packed in these boxes regardless of their size and shape. They also have the quality to carry heavyweight products. Kraft window boxes are uniquely designed for brands that use our containers for displaying their products. These boxes help in the marketing of goods.

Types Of Kraft Boxes We Manufacture

TCB produces the best quality kraft paper boxes for your goods. We make them in various varieties with your specified designs, size, and color theme. Our experts do not make them in only plain brown color. We also have black kraft boxes and can be customized in other colors too. Let's check a few of our top-selling Kraft packaging boxes.

Kraft Pillow Cases

These are easy-to-fold boxes that make excellent product packaging for retail. Their unique shape is eye-catchy and gains customer attention. The most common use of kraft pillow boxes is in the cosmetic industry. Beauty products such as mascara, creams, eye shadows, etc., are packed. However, it is not only limited to cosmetics. These boxes are customized in different sizes for multipurpose. Our kraft pillowcases are used by the food industry too. We also deal in custom boxes for your goods. You can customize them as per your demand.

Customized Kraft Containers

When you talk about customer needs, TCB is the right place to visit. Here, we fulfill all customer demands. Our custom kraft boxes are designed precisely according to your brand requirement. With their multiple uses, these boxes have helped many businesses grow in the market. We also manufacture kraft boxes with lids which have impressive designs and are innovative packaging. The feature of having a cover helps the product with extra protection. In addition, these are handy and easy to carry packages.

Kraft Shipping Containers

Shipping of goods can be a hassle if it is not done with improper packing of your products. Moreover, businesses tend to face loss when their products get damaged for any reason during transportation and shipment. Therefore, TCB manufactures perfectly feasible kraft shipping boxes to deliver your items in intact condition. Shipping boxes vary in size according to the size of the product and can be customized accordingly. In addition, we deal in kraft gift boxes for you to provide your customers with the best gift packing opportunities.

Kraft Food Boxes

Our food boxes are one of the most standard packagings for your food. We assure you that the best quality food containers maintain your food freshness and don't let you compromise with quality. Our cardboard boxes are also essential for food delivery. These containers are considered preferable because our food containers are eco-friendly and are available at the best prices, unlike plastic containers. Kraft boxes with windows are also the hot sellers. It makes the food look more tempting when consumers get a chance to peak from the box. Kraft gable boxes wholesale are also used for food packaging.

Kraft Candle Cases

One of our top-notch packaging products is candle boxes. We have unique customized kraft candle boxes to fix candles in any size and shape. Our boxes are made with perfect quality material that prevents candles from physical and climate damage, such as temperature and moisture. Some candles are scented. Our packages help seal the scent in it too.

Boost Your Sale With TCB

Every company has its key features which boost its business. Do you want to know that how you can increase your revenue with our wholesale kraft boxes? Let's discuss a few of our components that will help you promote your business in the market. We provide you with a vast range of custom boxes wholesale for your products.

We Assure Product Security

Either a small item or larger products, delivering them safe is the priority. Our kraft mailer boxes are made with the best quality material. We provide you with sturdy packaging to keep your products secure. No business would want to bear a loss. It is prevalent to face any damage during shipment due to mishandling, stocking, or other reasons. We manufacture bulk kraft boxes, which helps you to ship a large number of goods safely.

Brand Recognition in The Market

Brands know that how necessary it is to build existence in the saturated market. So TCB has one of the best packaging materials for you.  Wrap your goods in such eye-catchy boxes that no customer can pass by without catching attention towards your product. Apart from this, we also have one of the best kraft soap boxes, which are hot sellers. Our soap boxes are customized in any size, shape, and design according to your requirement. The benefits of boxes and containers are not limited to packaging, storage, and shipment. They have an essential role in brand recognition. Therefore, it helps influence customers' product purchasing.

Logo Speaks for The Brand

Every successful brand has a logo that customers memorized so well. The logo is the core component that plays a vital role in branding and promotion. Our kraft boxes wholesale can be printed with your brand name, logo, tagline, and other necessary details. We have the facility to add labels to the packages. Adding essential information about the product on the packaging help customer understand the product. Clarity about the item raises consumer interest and confidence to purchase it without worry.

Why Shop from Us?

We clear all your doubts before making a deal with you. TCB has some fantastic attributes which would increase your interest to shop from us. Dig into further details to know more.

Free Shipping on Orders

Our brand not only delivers your product at the ease of your doorstep. But we also do not charge you for the shipping. You may now order from anywhere within the USA and all around Canada. We have no delivery charges on your orders.

Experts Design Assistance

We have one of the finest professionals who design your orders. Our design expert team guides you through the best designs for your company. They also are experts in the following instruction to manufacture your boxes in any size and shape. Further requirements of customized color theme and printing facility are also available. Desired printing details are added to your containers as per your demand. In addition, the design assistance from our experts is free of cost.

Rush Orders Availability

We have a short delivery turnaround time of 4-6 days. Apart from that, we provide you with the option for rush delivery. This feature can help you get your order in quite a short period. In case you do not prefer a long wait. Go with our Rush delivery feature to fasten the order process.

Request A Quote Facility

Making an order is more accessible by the "Request a Quote" form available on our website. The form is available with all products on the website. It helps you make your customizations easier. For example, you may select your design, shape, size, color, and quantity. In addition, adding your personal information enables our customer care representatives to contact you for further order details.

Steps To Place an Order

Placing an order from us is easy and quick. You can follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Kindly book your order by filling the "Request a Quote" tab available with each product on the website. Add your requirement., shape, color theme, size, and dimension. Mention your credentials so that our team can revert to you.
  • Order can also be placed by sending us an email at [email protected]
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