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It is evident for some products to gain immediate attention while others expire staying on the aisle. A nicely packed product with a defined label has more chances to be preferred by customers. Research tells that it takes eight seconds for a customer to make a split-second decision in product selection. In such a short time, the purchasing decision depends on the looks alone. If product packaging is not up to the mark, your product may lose to win the spotlight.

Packaging is not just a box in which your product is wrapped. It is much more than that. After manufacturing an excellent product, is your packaging justifying your hard work to convince consumers? Of course, companies put a massive amount into marketing and advertisement. But another aspect is the packaging and labels, which makes the brand thrive.

Customers find the shelves packed to the brim with multiple products. There is a wide range of products with colorful packaging labels fighting the race to catch their eye. You may find labels unnecessary, but the reality is precisely the opposite. A well-designed product label plays a vital role in the product purchasing decision.

Why Our Product Labels Are Important?

Companies understand the necessity of labels. Apart from the product quality, packaging, and labels work side by side for product promotion and brand success. So, let's further dig into how tags play their role in sales growth and marketing.

Brand Awareness

Beyond other promotion strategies and marketing campaigns such as commercials, packaging labels makes your brand recognizable among the piled-up shelves. Whether selling in a supermarket or another platform, TheCardboardBoxes provides the best-designed product labels for your products. Labels carry details such as your company name, tagline, brand logo. Attractive labels are eye-catching and attract customers better.

Product Specification

Along with the branding and promotion, our labels make your products self-explanatory. Defining necessary details on the packaging helps consumers to make better choices. Customers do have their preferences for specific ingredients or any specifications before buying a product. In any industry, such as electronics, food, medicines, etc., it is crucial to write necessary details labels for customers to understand what they are investing into. Therefore, along with our custom boxes with logo, we also have printable labels to customize your details accordingly.

Customer Attraction

Most of the customers are very vigilant about what they are purchasing. So naturally, they would prefer understanding their product, but it is not always the case. Shopping online or at a shopping mall, products with glamorous looks and attractive packaging and labels would attract consumers. Therefore, we customize your labels for your packages in your desired shapes, sizes, color theme, and, most importantly, font to write the details. Labels material can also be customized according to the nature of your product.

Types of Labels TheCardboardBoxes Manufacture

Labels are created with different materials. It ultimately depends on the nature of the product. Labels are a crucial part of the packaging. In the massive industry, we have all forms of products. Liquids, semi-solids, delicate, etc., materials of labels are selected according to the packaging. Labels for our cardboard boxes vary from labels used for bottles used by the food industry. Nevertheless, looking forward to meeting the needs of the entire business world, we have various labels.

Food Labels

Food is itself a vast industry. There is enormous scope in selling edibles, whether in supermarkets, restaurants, around the corner food cart, or online delivery. Food being the basic need of life, the food industry is growing with never stopping speed. When it comes to food, consumers are always precautious before buying. Its expiry, ingredients, nutrients, and many other details. There are always a group of customers who are brand conscious, even in food. Therefore, taking care of the requirements of all food companies and businesses, we give them our custom printed labels to mention any details for their food.

Candle Labels

The market does not have only those boring candles in one color anymore. Manufacturers make candles in a large variety of designs and colors. Such as different forms of candles with glass holders and other embellishments. Companies also make scented candles. The purpose of lighting candles is a part of décor and used as a soothing agent for the environment. Candles are used on different occasions.  TCB has sticker labels that can be attached to your product with your desired details. Our labels for candles are made in your selected designs and sizes too.

Customized Labels

We offer you custom labels to meet your needs. Labels and tags are used for adding your product and brand name. Product details, as well as pricing tags, are attached to the items. TCB customizes it for you in all designs, such as round sticker labels. These can be stuck to your product itself or. Our experts would help you to design them according to the size and shape of your packaging. These are not only used on the packaging alone, but also products contain labels. We provide your labels with the best quality material according to your product.

Waterproof Labels

Why would one have to make their labels also waterproof? The straightforward answer is to make your tags reliable to survive any high temperature and moisture. To keep your tags safe, we manufacture labels for bottles. Bottles are manufactured with different materials such as glass and plastic. We make our labels suitable to be stuck to any form of a bottle. Bottles carrying liquids often form water crystals around due to condensation. Therefore, we also have wine labels. Semi-liquid beverages in a bottle, such as honey-producing companies, can also use our honey labels on their packaging for branding and details.

Roll Labels

Labeling and uniquely branding your products is one more practical step of packaging. You can customize your roll labels in the design you envision. It is an integral part of the product itself. Our roll labels are used for individual products for pricing purposes, and shipping labels are attached to packaging with product details. A description such as precautions, usage, manufacturing details, batch numbers, etc., are mentioned on it. In Addition, TCB also provides custom sticker labels in your desired small, medium, or large sizes. Sizes may also be customized.

Lip Gloss Labels

Apart from the product labels mentioned above, the cosmetic industry is also widely. We see many new brands each day. The increasing demand for products has increased the market competition among brands too. With producing the best quality product, brands also focus on their packaging and labels. TCB stands by companies in the race to fulfill your requirements to meet customer satisfaction. We have an extensive range of best-seller labels for all your commodities. Customers want to learn more about the product by reading the description. Therefore, we help companies define their products. In addition, we provide cosmetic boxes for your company and deal in different labels such as lip balm labels.

Among different products covering multiple production industries, TCB also provides labels for items sold occasionally. The hype of Christmas products can only be seen when Christmas is near. Therefore, we have Christmas labels to stick to your all Christmas products.

Boosting Your Business With TCB

After working hard to get a unique final product is an art itself. But then trying to sell it with dull packaging can lead you to loss. So, it is wise to invest a little in packaging and labels to make your product appealing to the customers. TCB provides product boxes for all types of products. Along with packaging, we have various product labels to help give your packaging a final touch. We deal with every large and small industry such as food, technology, cosmetics, among others. Along with others, we also have soap labels for all your solid and liquid soaps. So, if you want to know why selecting us can be beneficial for you and your brand, we suggest you keep reading.

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