Privacy Policy

Privacy is the prime object of our websites, which is to deal with extra care and hundred percent ensure that all the data shared on our website remains safe and not reachable for unauthorized people. We highly value our customers and the details they share using our website input fields, interaction with the customer care team, or any other manner. We make sure that your personal, confidential, and financial details such as credit card numbers, CVV codes, and sort of sensitive data remain in safe hands.

We have applied special protocols to keep these details confidential and perfectly under control of data flow so expect very few and authorized people of the company, not one able to see, use, or process this information in any means. We are doing all these efforts to ensure that you will be confidently able to place your order on our website, and able to share any confidential or not confidential data without any worry. But being as a law-abiding firm we make sure that your actions and details could be shared with the legislative and peace-keeping federal or provincial arthritis on their call, we will abide by all the laws made by this country and courts. We ensure your as well as our safety standards to make sure that the peace of the market remains alive.

What We Collect and Why

You must know what we collect and why, also you will be agreeing to our data usage policy once you have entered our website. Mostly we collect your personal information, like name, address, and the page you have visited on our site, if you are willing to place an order, then you must need to provide the banking channels details, credit card, and their confidential codes, phone numbers, shipping address and all the details related to personal and business to go smoothly on the online shopping experience. The whole information is securely kept safe at website servers. Most of the visitors share their email for the newsletters or latest updates, their emails are also only used for the details to which they subscribed on our website. All kinds of your personal and banking channel information will be shared with the third-party business, or shipping companies to provide the services, and once you enter our website you will agree about the secure information sharing rules.

Usage of Data

The whole information from your visit to the sharing personal and business details is being used on the website for making your experience more convenient. The data may be shared with third-party companies but will not be sold or used for commercial purposes. You agree to the policy that you are going to get promotional or marketing emails, also we may share the products options based on your choice and selection on our website. If you are willing to change your subscriptions or not willing to receive our promotional emails, you may unsubscribe from our services.


Security is the ultimate thing for the, we hundred percent ensure that all the details and information you exchange through our platform are kept safe from being any kind of misuse. We have special security protocols to keep the data intact, while you are visiting our website as well as the data is posted on our website servers. We also make sure that only concerned persons on board can see what you have shared with us. In short, you may keep trust in us and our security systems which are made with the latest and state-of-the-art technology so you could avail the best and safer environment to enjoy online shopping.

Business Transaction Protocol

Just to keep you connected with the valuable services, we may sell your business or personal details including all other users’ information collected on our websites with the new owner to whom we are going to sell or transfer this website in the future. You will be agreeing to our whole privacy policy.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are very small log files with a certain type of data store in it, TheCardBoardBoxes uses cookies to enhance your whole website visiting experience, we keep a log of what you have seen, what you like the most, on which page you have stays more than usual, including the idea of how particular requirements and optimize our ideas to help you in better ways. You may turn off or remove the permission of the cookie from your browser settings.

Internal Or External Links

Our website may contain internal or external links, which may have promotional content based on your choice of products on our site, we are not responsible for their privacy statements but our privacy policy only scopes for our website. If you are visiting, interacting, and sharing information on their sites, you will do it at your own risk, you must read their privacy policy before starting to do business with them. These links sometimes contain promotional content which may collect your details through their input fields, you must stay vigilant to alert to avoid any loss.

Our Customers Are Our Strength

We extremely value our customers and their all kinds of details, we make sure our website is secure to offer you the online shopping experience, you may visit, use, or order our products using all the encrypted financial mechanisms available on our website. We make sure that you can avail yourself, one of the top demanding packaging services while sitting in the comfort of your home, without facing any hustle of the market. You may also reach our customer support center working round the clock if you have any issue or facing any difficulty to get the best explanation of what we can do to solve your problems. You may also ask for an explanation if you are unable to understand any term in the privacy policy, you will be explained and share a detailed view of the words.