Frequently Asked Questions

Design Requirements

Would like to receive the ready-made design or my artistic effort for my boxes?

Yes, we will love to see what you have for us, so we could better understand your needs and ideas to provide you the best. You could share anything with us.

Could you make a design on the inside of the box on my diverse packaging order?

Yes, we could offer you inside design as well, you provide the blueprints of designs, or our expert designer will make one for you. Feel free to share or ask anything from us.

How Long Will It Take You to Deliver My Order?

The deadline mostly depends on the number of boxes you are ordering, and the features you are choosing, you could define your deadline to our support team, mostly we try to deliver exactly in your defined deadlines.

Material And Printing

What Kind of Material Do You Offer for The Packaging?

We could make these boxes in any type of packaging; just name it and we will make it. We mostly offer kraft, paperboard, cardboard, corrugated material for the boxes.

All The Material You Offer or Recyclable or Not?

We mostly use recycled material for the manufacturing of these boxes, which could be further recycled after the use, yes, all the material we use could be recycled easily.

Do You Offer Long-Distance Shipping Safety?

Yes, you could ship your product for longer distances without any worry, also, you could demand the extra layers of safety if you think you have very fragile products.

Could You Print in Multiple Inks, Including White?

Yes, we offer color printing, and specifically, we provide white ink print on a different kind of packaging.

Do You Offer Watermark Printing?

Yes, we could provide you with watermarks on your product packaging on your demands.

How do you offer more safety in your corrugated boxes?

The corrugated boxes are made in three types,

  1. Single layer
  2. Double layer
  3. Three layers (double layer with the ply inside)

The size of the ply could increase or decrease as per the safety needs.

Will you be able to meet the national and international standards of packaging?

Yes, we offer all the boxes as per the standard of the international and national market.

What If You Are Not Able to Meet My Box Size Requirements?

We are offering all sizes of boxes; all you need to tell us what size of box you are looking for and we will fulfill your need.

Order And Price

How Can I Place an Order?

There are different means to place the order, you could live chat CSR, email us, or call us to find the full details as well as to palace the order.

Will Show Me the Final Design of The Box Before Sending It to Production?

Yes, we will make sure that you are satisfied and comfortable design, after that we will send your boxes for production.

What If I Want to Cancel My Order?

You could cancel your order before the fulfillment of the designs, once the designs are made and accepted by you, you will not be able to go back.

I Want A Few Changes in The Designs, Will You Help Me?

Yes, you could ask for the changes in the designs before reaching these designs to the production home. We could also make new designs for you.

I Want to Increase the Number of Boxes After Placing the Order, Is This Possible?

Yes, you could increase or decrease the number of boxes, before the design is sent to the production team. But it will be better if you come up with the exact number of your needs.

What Perks Do You Offer on Bulk Orders?

We are offered free of cost shipping, free design support, and after-sales service at bulk orders.

Do You Have a Special Discount for The Bulk Order?

Yes, we offer a special discount, but it mostly depends on the number of boxes you are ordering.

What Are Your Design Limits?

We offer any sort of designs for your boxes, just let us know your imagination. We will make it a reality.


How Does Your Shipping Work?

We use different national and international shipping services based on the number of boxes you are purchasing from us; we have extra fast delivery options as well as per your demands.

Do You Offer Shipping to International Addresses?

Yes, we could deliver your order to the international address as well, we are offering ship to many countries of the world.

Do You Send Orders to PO Boxes?

We only ship your order to the proper address; service is not available for P.O boxes.

Could You Merge My Orders?

Yes, we can combine your orders, all you need to reach through our means of communication.