Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are considered as one of the effective set of rules between the user and the Website to ensure the sanctity of the rights for both stakeholders. All the terms and conditions will be considered effective as soon as we start surfing our website and you are bound to respect each one of them.

Copyright Terms

We want to mention to all of our users and visitors that, all kinds of pictures, content, graphics, designs, layouts, data, software, and each and everything which you could see or shared with you by our customer care team is the sole property of TheCardboardBoxes.com, you could not change, modify, tweak, copy, reuse, publish or take benefit from it at commercial or domestic level in any way. You must need to take permission from us to do so, otherwise, it will be considered a legal disparity and we will take strict action against the violations.

User Code of Conduct

While the customer is our priority, we also make sure that you follow some rules and regulations which are ultimately made to ensure your rights and offer you the best level of benefits. Such as,

  • You are not allowed to copy, share, or take any part of our website, no matter whether it’s in textual form or in visual you are hundred percent to follow this rule.
  • Also, you are not allowed to share any sort of content, images, or visuals on our website, if you do so, you have allowed us hundred percent right to use your shared content, image, music, video, or any other sort of information for any means.
  • We have the right to remove any image, content, audio, or video from our website if this violates our rules and regulations in the market.
  • If you are using our platform, you are bound to provide us the correct information, otherwise, your order will not be processed, if you try to perform any unlawful means to place an order or provide us the wrong details your order will be canceled without further notice.
  • You will be solely responsible for the credentials of your personal account made on your website if any sort of misconduct happens either done by you or someone else using your username and password and legal action may be taken against you as per the seriousness of the matter.
  • We have the sole right to ask, demand, or ensure that, provide us with your detailed personal or business details to pursue any project with us and you are bound to do so, if you fail to provide the right words, you may face difficulties.
  • Once you are entering the website, you have agreed to all terms and conditions, privacy policy, and all the rules and regulations clearly mentioned on our websites.

Price And Order on thecardoardboxes.com

The Cardboard Boxes have all rights to maintain their prices list as per their own standards, you could not challenge or demand the price change in any way. Once you have placed an order with us you are bound to fulfill the invoice amount before the deadline, only then we will proceed with your orders, otherwise, you could not demand your order in any way.

You will be agreed on the payment through secure banking channels like PayPal etc. you could not cancel the order at the last moment or even after payment. We are bound to inform you of price or product changes beforehand and proceed with your order after final confirmation. Your email or transaction messages could be used as a piece of legal evidence. You could not cancel the order once your designs are reached by the design department.

Return And Refund Policy

We do not accept returns and also we do not offer a refund, but yes, if you found anything damaged, broken, or not printed as per your demand, you may reach us back within the time limit of the two days after the delivery of your order to ensure that, the fault occurs due to company issue, a late contact will be considered as your fault and will be not be corrected. Also, you are bound to send a damaged piece of delivery within the five days of the week at your own expense, otherwise, we are not responsible for any sort of damage or repair. You will bear the material cost for the repair of your orders.

Thecardboardboxes.com Is Not Liable

We are not liable for any delay, damage or any other mishaps happen with your order after leaving our company, Wrong address, shipping company not able to reach you, you are out of the town or your order is not handled properly, are all circumstance which is away from the company hands, so we are not liable for any these kinds of damage and you are not able to claim any refund or return in these conditions. You may ask for the repair at your own expense.

The Sales or Any Other Tax Policy

Being a responsible citizen of the country, it’s your duty to pay the taxes, regardless of which country you belong to, we make sure that you have paid all possible taxes and you have a good financial condition. You are bound to pay all government as well as other taxes.

Special Discounts and Offers

We ensure that same level of discount and errors for all the customers who give us business regardless of sizes. But on a few things, you are going to purchase more, you are eligible for more discounts. You will be offered a special discount voucher on special occasions and all the details and timeline of their use will be mentioned on it. You do not claim or challenge our discount or perks vouchers.

We Ensure the Best Safety of Your Rights

We ensure that while doing business with us, all your rights are preserved, and you can secure one of the best pieces of product. We believe that these policies make the right impression of deals between the customers and company and both ends can keep them safe from any sort of loss. All you need to do is read each clause of the terms and conditions with care, so you understand it very well.